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Steps to Clean Curtain

I am sure that almost all of you have window curtains. You should not be lazy to clean the curtains because dirt, dust, mold, and other things can cause diseases. Do not wait until you see color change of your curtains!

Follow the instruction below to have clean curtains

1. You have to clean all of the curtains regularly in order to prevent any possible disease caused by the dust. You can use vacuum cleaner to clean all the dust in the curtains. For daily cleaning, you can simply shake the curtains to make the dust fall out of them. It is recommended for you who do not have allergy. Brushing the fabric is also recommended to clean out all the dust from them.

2. You can also clean them using washing machine. If you are afraid that they might get damaged, you can clean them manually. You can use cold water and small amount of detergent in washing them.

3. Drying curtains can be done using low setting for washable type. If you are afraid that it would be damaged by the machine, you can dry it under the sun light. Never iron the curtains except for fabric that can be ironed.

4. You will need detergent, washing machine, hand washing supplies, dryer, vinegar, mild soap, and vacuum cleaner to clean the curtains. If you want to keep it look clean and smell fresh, you can use freshener to spray them.

5. Boil rusty rings in water and add vinegar to clean the rust. If the rings are dirty you can simply wash them using detergent or soap to make them shine again.

You have to change the curtain if you think that it is not in good condition. Change with new one for easier maintenance. If you do not know how to detect when to replace it you can simply inspect it by stretching the fabric. Signs of discoloring can be considered as the time to replace with the new unit.

To keep the curtains clean, you can dust them using vacuum attachment. If you do this regularly you will not need to wash them very often. If you are afraid that the curtain will be sucked into the machine, you can set it to the lowest setting.

From all of the explanation above I hope that you will not neglect the importance of cleaning up windows curtain. You can prevent dust, allergies, and also diseases by cleaning the curtains regularly.

If you want to add more privacy, you can use exterior window shades. They are beneficial in decorating the window and add more privacy into your room. I recommend you to get room darkening window shades for higher privacy.